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About Us...

Founded in 1978, Gail Labelle, Inc. offers accessories complementing fashion trends, without being too fashion forward.

The company from its earliest days kept informed of fashion directions by travelling around the world, visiting fashion capitals in Italy, France, and the United States. We have also developed close working relationships with some of the leading manufacturing firms in the world serving the fashion industry.

The strategy worked. Gail Labelle and its private labelling soon became sources for countless specialty boutiques, department stores, and catalog retailers.

Today, Gail Labelle, is still respected as a wholesaler of fine Italian handbags, belts, and assorted accessory items. It also is expanding its product mix by incorporating items from France and other countries.

Travelling the world to find the latest fashion trends and ideas, Gail Labelle continues to be an innovative company for being attuned to current fashion. Gail Labelle is also valued for its attention to detail and quality.

As always, our handbags and belts are sold at very fine retail stores throughout the country. As retailing changed so did Gail Labelle by branching into private label product development for major stores, catalog retailers, and television.

Gail Labelle can offer your customers timely handbags, belts, and other accessories at competitive prices. Contact us to see how we could be of help to you! Call 212-679-9331 or write us at today!